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Our Vision about Local Tourism

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The GO is a young team with a special taste for innovation. We want to show that it is possible to do better with effort and dedication, presenting ourselves in the market with the ambition to give greater visibility to resources and capital gains of the city and its surroundings.

We are senior tourism technicians, graphic designers, historians and teachers, all of us with an interest in local development and potential of the city as a tourist destination.


The goal is to boost the city as a tourist destination taking advantage of the natural resources, patrimony and history. Local development is a day-by-day reality in our actions.

Functioning as a network with traders and interacting with various players that represent the citys’ poles of art and culture. We want to create a strong dynamic between them, increasing the city and countys’ visibility.

Regarding that goal we work with several partners in diferent areas sush as hotels, restaurants and traditional commerce, provinding our visitor the best possible experience.

Besides that we have our website and we are linked to and we have also our flyers.

We pay a special atention to our citys culture, history and tradition and its a goal to give our visitor the best of all this areas by provinding City Tours, but also generating tools to help visitors having a much richer experience.

Those tools are a discount card (GoCard) to use in several spaces around town and a online store (GoShop) with locally produced goods.

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Presentation GoÓ

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