São João Baptista Church

São João Baptista Church

Get to know Óbidos religious heritage

Records tell that São João Baptista church (ancient S.Vicentes’ chappell) construction was ordered by quenn D.Isabel in 1309, after her matrimony with D.Dinis.

Offered the village as a gift, the queen established a leprosarium on this very spot.

A leprosarium with a Chapel dedicated to S.Vicente (harshly martyred to his death in the Christians Persecution of 304).

São João Baptista Church is also housing the village Parochial Museum, stage to medium duration exhibits, incentives to art and historic property researches.

Check out the Parochial Museum here!

Óbidos has a great number of churches and a rich religious heritage, just follow the link!

São João Baptista Church Location

São João Baptista Church

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