Óbidos Castle Tour

Óbidos while tasting local flavours!

Óbidos Castle Tour

Óbidos Castle Tour is like knowing the village and their walls, its heritage, culture and art, one of the most beautiful villages in Europe.

All its treasures are often based on little details that easily go unnoticed or historical facts that gain new dimension when viewed on site.

To ensure that you take advantage of the most of your stay in Óbidos, Goobidos ensures a guided tour to the main elements of the village heritage with a top guide that will take you to an amazing experience within “toupeiros” and will invite you to taste the local liquor, the famous Ginja, but also presenting you the castle and its rich interior.

Get ready for an amazing trip with Óbidos Castle Tour as the tour will take to Rua Direita, the street where you can find everything, but it will introduce you too some of the most interesting examples of the local religious heritage, but also the castle, to Porta da Vila or Parochial Museum and some other unforgettable treasures.

In the middle of the tour you will be offered the GoKit, to enjoy while contemplating the amazing Óbidos scenario.

And if you know the castle, you’ll know the village.

Get ready for an amazing trip!

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For Who?

For those who have interest in getting to know more about Óbidos and its sightseeing, culture and legacy, one of the most beautiful villages in Europe.

For you who loves to discover, that wants to visit those small but precious details about the places history and heritage and want to go back home with an amazing journey and a backpack full of good memories and awesome experiences.

Óbidos Castle Tour is adjusted to the all visitors’ needs, with several locations where they can rest while tasting some of the local delights.


Book the tour at [email protected] or 961 481 448.


* Local Flavors Tasting
* Visit to Óbidos and village
* Listen to the legends and myths
* Enjoy the local heritage

Tour Information


From Tuesday to Sunday


10h00 and 15h00

Meeting Point:

Touristic Office


2 persons = 70€

3 persons = 90€

4 persons = 120€


Under budget


Local wine and cheese, traditional bread, cavacas and cookies

Visit Length:

About 4 Hours


Portuguese, English

Óbidos Castle Tour – Get to know Óbidos with the #GO! Team!