Óbidos Medieval Market

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July and August

Óbidos Castle

Óbidos Medieval Market – Fun, Adventure and Gastronomy

The Óbidos Medieval Market a historical recreation event that transforms Óbidos in a middle ages town.

During 16 days, jesters, fire eaters, dancers, musicians and minstrels invade the town transporting visitors to another dimension.

The Óbidos Medieval Market  occurs during the summer months of July and August and is an event held for the whole family, from the small to the big ones.

During the period of this medieval event, Óbidos is completely transformed according to the identity of those bygone days.

It is normal view people fully masked according to ancient Óbidos Medieval Market, with suits of Knights Templar, monks, princesses or queens, simply by renting those costumes elsewhere in the village.

Óbidos Medieval Market, medieval craftworks, Óbidos

After entering  Óbidos Medieval Market you will see horse tournaments where knights play for victory and the blandishments of young noblemen who attend the same.

But not only, the room is invaded by a music frenzy with musicians and jugglers to animate the hosts, but also fire-eaters, jesters and dancers transport us to the past.

Among the various intervals you can look for the best place to give warmth to the stomach and throat, because within the grounds are several choices that allow you to enjoy the local cuisine, craft beer or light mead.

The  Óbidos Medieval Market happens once a year, so it is aware of the dates of the event of power form be king for a dayin on of the biggest and crowded event in Óbidos

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Óbidos Medieval Market, Óbidos village