Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church, Óbidos


Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church, Óbidos

You will find the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church, Óbidos outside of the village walls. The temple has  several origin stories.

On the slopes’ west side of the village, this hermitage is known as an ancient roman temple built to honor Jupiter (Zeus for the Greeks).

Story tells there were some roman tombs in this location.

As most monumental heritage in the village, Nossa Senhora do Carmos’ hermitage suffered with the 1755 earthquake.

Nowadays the exterior facade is a result of different works in the twentieth century.

We underline the medieval belfry and São João Baptistas’ image – sculpture from the fifteenth century, that you can find in the municipal museum.

Visit the chapel and discover more of our history and local culture!

Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church, Óbidos

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