Óbidos Parochial Museum


Óbidos Parochial Museum

The Óbidos Parochial Museum is inside in the recovered S. João Baptistas’ church.

Built in the year of 1309 by Queen Santa Isabel.

This church, near the villages’ entrance is one of the most important properties within Óbidos walls.

In ancient times, the church served the community as a leprosarium.

Later it was hand down to Santa Casa da Misericórdia – Institution founded by another queen who left her mark in Óbidos – Queen D. Leonor.

Recently recovered by the City Council, Church S.João Baptista, near Porta da Vila (Village Door) has became a symbol and reference to Óbidos heritage.

The Paroquial Museum stages medium duration exhibits and bets on incentives to art and historic property researches.

Óbidos Parochial Museum, Óbidos

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