Santa Maria Church, Óbidos


Santa Maria Church, Óbidos

The head church, Santa Maria Church, Óbidos its located in a square of its name, the church was built above Muslim ruins at the command of D.Afonso Henriques.

Later on, in the sixteenth century the temple would be entirely rebuilt by D.João III and D.Catarina.

Unusually beautiful this religious treasure must be visited calmly so you can absorb its spiritual and historic ambiance.

In its Manueline facade, Santa Marias’ image is praised as she is shown worshiped by angels. Through the portal and inside the church we can find harmonious seventeenth-century tiles on the walls.

From the numerous exposed pieces, we point out the Josefa de Óbidos’ (1634-1684) and her fathers’ (Baltazar Gomes from Óbidos) oil paintings.

Another jewel to visit inside the temple is the João de Noronhas’ amazing tomb.

Art work made by Nicolau Chanterene, the father of the renascence sculpture in Portugal.

Óbidos has a great number of churches and a rich religious heritage, find  more here!

Santa Maria Church, Óbidos

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