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Ginja Liquor

We visited Frutóbidos on a hot day and it was the Ginja Liquor that refreshed us at the end of it. Frutóbidos is a company specialized in Liquor of Ginja the same that developed the brand – Ginja D’Arte, and that today with the knowledge acquired working with the fruit made some derivations like biscuits, infusions, Sweets, Gums or Teas.

Always well accompanied, we have done a guided tour to the facilities that allow the visitor to get to know the origin of the Ginja Liquor to the point of the company opening, a history of knowledge and love.

At the same time as the story unfolds, we saw the process of manufacturing until its packaging, which is completely handmade.

With great pleasure, we realize that when we taste the bittersweet and fruity “Ginijnha”, so called by the Portuguese, that the Liquor of Ginja Vila das Rainhas (brand developed by Frutóbidos) is fruit of great passion, and the knowledge of a group of people who wanted to bet on what the region had to offer.

With the glass with the Ginja Liquor in our hands, they remind us of the importance of keeping the original formula in a process where the colorants and flavorings do not enter, and that the ideal temperature for the liquor to be consumed must be between 14ºC or 15ºC .

With a velvety flavor and an extravagant ruby ​​color, we realize that the Vila das Rainha liquor is a genuine experience that the village of Óbidos has to offer.

The shop and visits are available on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and to make the visit you should book through the following contacts and choose which experience to do:

Visit A ​​- With liquor tasting – 2.50 €

Visit B – With liquor tasting and proof of products Ginja D’Arte – 5 €

[email protected] / 967801935

Vila das Rainhas - Frutóbidos, Ginja Liquor, Óbidos Tasting

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